Monday, February 7, 2011

Redy to Wenden on My Pilgrimage...

For my Meredith Buddies out there, you're welcome. 

Since England is our destination, I've decided to use as many phrases and quotes from British authors that I can come up with. 

John left this evening, he is officially on his way across the pond.  He arrives in England tomorrow morning around 4:00 am our time, which is 9:00 am English time.  Our friends Jim and Anne McDermott are meeting him at the airport and giving him a place to stay for the first few days he is there.  He really has a very difficult task, he has to get ready for US.  I told him that as long as I had a bed to sleep in and a coffee pot, I could get the rest after I got there.

So, this week is full of finishing up the list.  Dropping off the cat and bird, laundry, last minute shopping trip to the outlets (not really necessary but absolutely needed) and trying to cram all of our stuff into four suitcases...Lord help me.  I have a feeling we'll be racking up the overage charges for our bags, they will most definitely be over 50 pounds. 

John has begun his part of the pilgrimage, and now I must get ready for mine...

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  1. I arrived yesterday. It was surprisingly nice and sunny. We drove from the airport and as we crested the hill, got a nice view of Oxfordshire. Jim pointed into the distance at a wall of clouds, "Oh, they've brought in the real fog for you afterall."