Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Y'All Come Back Now...

Yes, I did it, I said y'all to someone.  It was actually on my first day here.  We were in line at the cafe trying to decide what we wanted to eat, a lady and her children came up behind us and I turned to her and said, "y'all can go ahead of us."  At which point she said, "sorry?" (in a very proper British accent),  then I said, "you all may go ahead of us, we haven't decided what to order."

Trying not to sound like a total idiot is very difficult.  Everyone here speaks so politely.  Most every phrase is followed by ma'am, love, dearie or some other term of endearment.  Someone asked me for my surname today and it took me a minute to figure out what he was asking.

When we were at Jim and Anne's on Saturday, Jim showed us the funniest video about how we, Americans, have butchered "The Queen's English".  They are willing to let some things slide, like not saying the h in herbs or saying trunk instead of boot.  One thing they are not willing to compromise on is the use of "I couldn't care less."  It isn't "I could care less", because if you could care less it would mean that you at least care a little bit.  I couldn't care less means that there was no caring to begin with so there is no way to care less.  Makes perfect sense to me, once explained.  So now, when I hear y'all say, "I could care less," I will correct thee in the proper Queen's English and remind you that you "couldn't care less."

Went to the mall today, they have Build A Bear in England.  Guess what Evie got?  They also have video game stores.   Guess what Jack got?  So far, we have not purchased a single thing here that we couldn't get in the states.  However, the tea cup with Will's & Kate's faces on it was very tempting!

I'm adding a few pics to this post.  Looks like we are off to Stonehenge tomorrow, there's a rumor about that the sun may make an appearance.


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