Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Man's Home is His Castle

If a man's home is his castle, what is a woman's home called?  It could be; her office, her sanctuary, her creative outlet, her job, her hobby, her art museum,  it is certainly the place where she takes care of and protects her family.  I'm not sure John realized why I was freaking out about not having a house in England.  What does a woman do when her office, sanctuary, creative outlet, job, hobby and art museum is missing?  She flails about not knowing what to do and she becomes agitated at not being able to care for and protect her family.

We finally found a place to live.  Well, we've actually found many places to live but we got this one before it was rented to someone else.  To say that I looked at 1,000 houses would not be an exaggeration.  "Which one is it?" you might ask, well, click on the link and take a look...
ya better hurry though, the property agents take them off line once they are rented.

The housing market in England is terrible.  Their banks aren't lending money so everyone is renting instead of buying.  Anything with a good price in a good area is snapped up before you can say bugger!  (Which, by the way, is my new favorite English term!)

Finding a house is one more thing to check off the to do list.  I told my friend Allison the other day that as soon as I check one thing off, I add ten more!   Hopefully that is going to stop.

Mine and the kids visas came today...whew!  We didn't realize that we all needed visas till last week.  I figured we had passports and we weren't working over there so we didn't need them, WRONG!  If you are relocating to another country for an extended period of time, you need a visa.  For $400 you too can have a tiny little stamp in your passport that says you are allowed in the country :) (That's $400 for each of us, 400 x 5 = $2,000).  Somebody came up with a great money making scheme there!

Well, I'm off now to scratch something else off the list.  Let's see what's left, YIKES, I have to do my taxes! 

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