Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Feet Hurt!

Where to start...

Joey arrived on Wednesday and we have been going non stop since.  We sent him off on his own today to London so we could all take a rest and I could catch up on my blog!

Joey, the kids and I braved the local bus transportation and headed into the metropolis of Basingstoke on Thursday.  We had heard about an old estate fittingly called Old Basing House and set off to explore.  The house was the largest home in Basingstoke at it's time and was one of the lasts to fall during the Civil War.  It was also a favorite get-a-way to Henry VIII, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth.  The owners were Royalists and defended the monarch during the Civil War.  It fell to the Parliamentarians after Oliver Cromwell sent over a thousand troops to take the house after 3 years of fighting.  Once the house fell, it was destroyed so there isn't much left other than some ruins and an old cannon.  (I'm learning while here)!

Friday we headed into London to finally see The Tower of London.  It was fantastic.  We took a guided tour headed by a Beefeater.  Why are they called Beefeaters?  They don't know.  However, they think it is because they used to be paid with portions of beef.  At the time, beef was expensive and hard to get.  The commoners, who could not afford beef, would pass by them and say, "he's a beefeater!"  They are very cheeky gentlemen with great stories about the tower and the unfortunate end of those who were imprisoned there.  Most of them lost their heads!  Sir Thomas Moore, Bishop Fisher, Anne Boelyn, and Katherine Howard just to name a few.

After the tower, we headed over to the Imperial War Museum.  Now, this was not high on my list, but due to who my father is and Joey's love of military history, it was certainly necessary.  Two of the best things about this museum are; it is free and they have a fabulous exhibit on the Holocaust.  I highly recommend stopping by just for this exhibit.

We hopped a double decker bus and headed towards Piccadilly after a brief stop to show Joey Westminster and Big Ben.  The day ended after a nice dinner and a trip to a bakery for dessert!

Saturday we went south to Portsmouth.  This is where the HS Victory is docked so John, Joey, and the kids headed over to check it out.  I, went shopping!

Sunday was Mother's Day in the UK....yeah me!  I got my wish to go to Hever Castle.  It was a beautiful day spent exploring the castle, gardens and spending the day with my family.  I am truly Blessed.  If you don't believe me, check out the pictures!

Evie's birthday was Monday.  I can't believe she is 8 years old!  We celebrated with Mexican food, cake, ice cream and of course...presents!

What are we doing this weekend you ask?  Well, my birthday is on Saturday, and I decided that spending it in Paris would be lovely. 


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