Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Unexpected Visit

I know this blog was supposed to finish the Paris trip, but I need to move on for now.  I will return to Paris later, during a week when there isn't much going on.

Joey left on Monday the 11th of April.  On Tuesday, we found out that Chris wanted to bring Jake over for a visit for his birthday.  We decided not to tell the kids and surprise them with a visit from their favorite person in the whole world!  He arrived on Saturday and the children were in a state of bliss for  five days. 

John took Chris and the kids to Stonehenge Saturday afternoon.  Our running joke now that John has been there 3 times is, upon their return I ask, "How was Stonehenge?  Is it still there?" 

We went into London on Sunday, the movies Monday and back to Windsor Castle (third time) on Tuesday.  We met the McDermott's for dinner on Tuesday and then Jake and Chris headed back to the states on Wednesday.  WHEW!

However, we do not seem capable of staying in one place, let alone one country for long.  We packed up the car on Thursday to go to Germany to visit dear friends that we met when they were living in Raleigh.  (More on that trip later.)

Here are pics of Jake's visit, hope you enjoy them.  Notice the look of extreme happiness on all the kids faces, priceless!


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