Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Who Pushed Play?

When we left for England in February, it was as if someone had pushed pause and our life was on hold.  The minute we walked through our front door, someone pushed play!  Life started coming at us faster than we could duck to get out of it's way!  I had to register the kids for school, they wanted to see their friends, I had to go to Georgia to get the dog, to Reidei's to get the cat and bird, and as if that wasn't enough, the cable box was broken. 

The first day back, I got in the van - now I hadn't driven in 5 months, so it was very strange to get behind the wheel.  I drove into Cary to get a new cable box, priorities, we hadn't seen any of our shows in months!  I got so lost I had to call my friend Allison, crying, to have her help me find this darn place.  Of course, ten minutes before, I was sitting right in front of it.  Got the new box, went home, hooked it up, and Voila! TV! 

We took off for Georgia two days later to get Cody and bring him home.  It was good to see my Dad and spend a few days with him too. Got back home, and John came home for a "visit", he still wasn't finished over there.  There was unpacking to do, appointments to be made, schools to register for, more unpacking to do, band camp (no comments please), cheerleading, the start of middle school for Jack, high school for Kim, and 3rd grade for Evie.  I got a job...didn't keep it long...2 weeks I think.  Found a better job, had a class to take in Greensboro that was all day Mondays, and agreed to teach Religious Education at our church.  School started, homework started, cheerleading started, marching band started, and the nervous breakdown was on its way.

Where was that darn pause button!

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