Sunday, March 20, 2011

Storming the Castle!

Last Saturday, March 12th, we headed back to Windsor to once again "storm the castle."  We had hoped to be there for the changing of the guard but got a late start and missed it.  The weather was cooperating so we got to explore the grounds more and made it to St. George's Chapel.  This again was another amazing architectural beauty and, once again, we could not take pictures inside.

Side Note:  Since I have been here, I have been seduced by the Showtime series The Tudors.  It is about Henry VIII and his six wives.  Henry the VIII is buried at St. Georges Chapel with his third wife Jane Seymour.

We finished up at Windsor with a little shopping, of which I still have not purchased anything for myself!

On Tuesday we packed up and headed back to London and made it in time to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.  Now, we got there about 45 minutes before it started and the gate was already packed.  The kids couldn't see anything, I had to stand on my tiptoes to see.  Needless to say, we didn't make it to the end.  (There's more after the pictures)



Our second stop of the day was supposed to be The Tower of London.  However, we became side tracked at the Churchill War Rooms and Museum.  I had the genius idea to just stop by the gift shop to pick up something for Grandpa and then head to the Tower.  My children on the other hand, wanted to go inside so they could tell Grandpa all about it.  Once we went in, we spent over an hour touring through the maze of underground tunnels and rooms.  It was fascinating.  The kids loved it!  We spent quite a bit at the gift shop and then headed back above ground.

By this time it was already 3:00 and there was not enough time to hit the Tower so we headed towards the tube and back to the car to get back home.

Saturday we decided to drive to the Home of Charles Darwin.  This made my husband very happy.  He was able to get his "geek on" and teach the children something all in one day!  The totally best part about the whole trip was seeing the sign for Hever Castle on the way to Darwin's.  Hever castle was owned by the Boelyns (see side note above).  We decided to do a drive by on our way home.  Unfortunately we arrived at closing time and weren't able to see anything.  However, they have a yew maze and a water maze and we are so going back in two weeks.  Next week we are planning a trip to Wales!

So, until we head out to storm the next castle...


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